Members of PUNSAA Secretariat were attended puntland level civil society stakeholders consultation meeting on Supporting the development and implementation of policies for the return,reintegration and protection of #IDP and refugees returnees Draft national policy on refugee-returnees and IDPs federal government of Somalia.
The goal of this policy is to establish institutions for assisting Somali refugees-returnees and IDPs inside the country also to identify the roles of national and international institutions,humanitarian and development agencies and other stack holders who are involved in assisting IDPs refugee-returnees
Alongside, the objectives of this policy is to strengthen the capacity of government institutions both at the national and federal member state levels enabling them to assist IDPs and returnees refugees to achieve durable solutions.
provide protection and support to IDPs and returning refugees and uphold their rights as citizens of Somalia. 
During the consultation participants were Reviewed/revised the four chapters of the policy and added their comments and contributions. 
Meeting Was ended and closed successfully .