What we do

The Puntland Non-State Actors Forum (PUNSAA) exists to provide a bridge between the Somali public and national authorities and international policy-makers. It aims to ensure that policies affecting peace and development in Puntland are relevant and responsive to people’s needs.

PUNSAA’s legitimacy in this role stems from its diverse membership of non-state actors which represent a broad range of society across geographical, clan and sector divisions in Puntland.

PUNSAA brings together its members to hold broad-based consultations on key issues related to peace and development in Puntland. These consultations form the basis of the policy recommendations that PUNSAA makes to the international community and the government of Puntland.

This consultative approach gives PUNSAA representatives at policy dialogues a strong mandate and helps ensure that the secretariat and board are responsive to the membership.

PUNSAA creates a two way channel of communication between policy makers and non-state actors to engage in key policy processes related to peace and development in Puntland. Representatives of the platform engage in national and international policy dialogue to:

Give policy makers information and recommendations from non-state actors working in the region who are best qualified to speak about the situation on the ground.
Help policy makers working on security and development in Puntland to share information on policy processes and outcomes with a much broader section of Somali society than they are able to reach directly.

What we do