Bashir Said Ismail   Title: PUNSAA Executive Director  Tel: +252-90-7794442.











Bashir Said Usmail (Binukililigo) is working at Puntland Non- State Actors Association (PUNSAA) in Garowe and he joined mid of June, 2016 to PUNSAA as an Executive Director. he has a Bachelor degree on Business and Administration from East Africa University, Master of Public Administration (MPA) with specialization of local government and development from Islamic University in Uganda. He is looking for a challenging position, which will enable him to develop his skills and knowledge to the maximum and achieve further career developments that offer the possibility working in global teams.

He worked with CEFA as Administrator, Finance and Accountant Officer as well secretary and he also has been Executive director at Tayo Foundation network in Puntland, Somalia in charge for the Leadership, Operational planning and management, Program planning and management, Human resources planning and management and Financial planning and management. He has at least 8 years experience with INGOs as well as local NGOs that operating IN Somalia specially in Puntland state of Somalia.

He participated different training’s or workshops for instance, Project Proposal and Report Writing, Human Resource Management,Project Proposal and Report Writing,Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E),  NGO MGT, Democracy And Good Governance, Training of facilitator workshop conducted by Participatory Development Center and Leadership and Organizational Development Training


Name:Amel Ali Mohammed Title:PUNSAA finance & operation manager.                                     Tell:90-7794606.













Amel joined PUNSAA in April 2009, as a finance officer and finally become Operation Manager, she has nine years of experience in finance roles, human resource management and office administration.  Amel’s main focus is to ensure and manage the efficient and transparent finance systems in line with recognized accounting, auditing standards and PUNSAA financial policies and procedures. She is familiar with donor rules, regulations and reporting requirements.  Amel holds a bachelor’s a degree in business administration and management.

Training and other courses

  •      One Month Training of Financial Management provided by MS-Training centre   for development cooperation MS-TCDC at Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Training  in Quick Book System Sponsored by safer world held in Hargeiza.
  • NSA Platforms finance staff Exchange tour in safer world office held in Nairobi.
  • RDP Consultation workshop held in Mombasa Kenya.
  • Advocacy and policy analysis held in Kampala Uganda.
  • Strategic, Fundraising and Grant Management training held in Garowe Puntland.
  •      Monitoring And Evaluation training held in garowe Puntland.


Name:Abdiwali Ali Abdulle. Title:Participatory Governance program Project Coordinator. Email:  tell:+252907794097











Abdiwali Ali Abdulle, Jointed Puntland Non-State Actors Association (PUNSAA) in June 2016 as Participatory Governance Programme (PGP) Project Coordinator. Abdiwali has extensive experience Managing and coordinating Small and large projects for multidisciplinary organizations. He worked as a Lawyer, Project Manager in Protection and Governance projects for KAALO Aid and Development for over 7 years.

He worked for Somali NGO Consortium as Regional Focal Point for more than 2years (2012-2014) to coordinate, advocate and represent members at Government Offices. Over the years, Abdiwali has worked extensively with NGOs in Somalia in order to facilitate aid to war-torn towns devastated by the lack of infrastructure. He has worked for Somali and American fund for education on Schools building project in Somali to improve the education infrastructures and increase number young people accessing to schools.

He stays involved in the youth development by volunteering with Youth Peer Network as lead advisor. His background focuses on Management and advocacy for National development. Abdiwali has a Bachelor degree of Law (LL.B) from Puntland State University (PSU) and Master In Development Studies (MSc) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, specializing Human Development.


Name:Ahmed  Muse Mohamed(Walow) Title:Advocacy and Fund-raising Officer  tell:+252907747830














Ahmed Muse Mohamed joined Puntland Non- State Actors Association (PUNSAA) as an advocacy and fund-raising officer he has a Bachelor degree on Business and Administration, Master degree on Development studies.

Ahmed has been project manager for the Cesvi (Italian Organization), protection officer for DRC, project coordinator for the Finn Church Aid(FCA),,Peace Initiative Project Officer for Danish Refugee Council (DRC),Program Assistant for the IOM Bosaso Sub-Office and Consultant For Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).

Mr Ahmed has More than 15 years of professional experience in the development and humanitarian field in Somalia, with INGOs and UN agencies.

Expertise in project planning, project management and M&E in areas related to Protection, WASH, Livelihoods, Shelter, Rural development, Environmental hygene,Emergency, Migration management, Peace building & Conflict Resolution, Advocacy & Fundraising.

Experience and educational background in administration, procurement and financial management.

Strong analytical and communication skills, both in English and Somali.

Effective conflict resolution & negotiation skills, both with communities and among staff.

Expertise in facilitation of trainings and capacity-building (through adult model learning).

Ahmed has taken/attended different training and workshops on different areas including WASH training held in Hargeisa, organized by FCA, Capacity Building in Migration management held in Nairobi, organized by IOM, Protection Workshop for Partner NGOs held in Garowe and jointly organized by UNHCR and NRC, Mixed Migration Workshop held in Bosaso and jointly organized by UN-OCHA, UNHCR and IOM.

Ahmed also facilitated/conducted various different trainings including good governance, conflict resolution, time management, WASH, advocacy and protection etc




Name:Mohamed Abdirizak Isse Title: PUNSAA Communication and IT Officer Tel:+252907743775

Mohamed Abdirizak Communication and IT Officer at Puntland Non-State Actors’ Association (PUNSAA),he joined February 2015 up to now, Mohamed has double Bachelor degree of computer science, bachelor of Development study, Post Graduate Diploma in IT, certificate of Cisco Networking Academy for IT Essential ,certificate of Microsoft Project Office, certificate of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), certificate of Mental Health & Psychological support Case-worker,. Mr Mohamed has More than 4 years of professional experience in the computer science (IT) and development field in puntland, with NGOs and CSOs.

He has a strong background in communications, LAN configurations,  develop and manage effective information and document management system, configuration and installation of communication equipment mainly routers, networks.

He has substantial experience in design, maintenance of communication network equipments such as printers, network sharing, designing and creating comprehensive data sharing tools such as mail chimp and other tools,designing different newsletter templates  .

Expertise in data management and data entry through different tools, communication skills & IT, Rural development, educational background in office administration

Mohamed  has taken/attended different training and workshops on different areas including communication training held in Hargeisa, organized by saferworld, Ope rationalization of accountability framework held in Garowe organised by Care international, Consultation Forum on Community Policing Awareness held in Garowe organized by UNSOM, Research skills Training workshop organised by Saferworld, Foundations and elements of Public Financial Management organised by Saferworld, Advocacy and fundraising training held in Garowe by Saferworld,Successfully participated in the Risk Management Workshop on 18th September, 2017 held in UNDP compound , organised by UN Risk Management Unit).

Mohamed also facilitated/conducted various different trainings on different areas including disaster preparation and management, public speaking e.t.c


Name: Faduma Abdikarin Abshir Title:PUNSAA Administration Officer tell:+252907796941






Faduma Abdikarim Administration Officer at Puntland Non-State Actors’ Association. She has a bachelor degree of Accounting and finance for Bosaso University, Bachelor of Business Administration (management &accounting) she has more than one year experience in different organizations.