Name:Ahmed  Muse Mohamed(Walow) Title:Advocacy and Fund-raising Officer  tell:+252907747830














Ahmed Muse Mohamed joined Puntland Non- State Actors Association (PUNSAA) as an advocacy and fund-raising officer he has a Bachelor degree on Business and Administration, Master degree on Development studies.

Ahmed has been project manager for the Cesvi (Italian Organization), protection officer for DRC, project coordinator for the Finn Church Aid(FCA),,Peace Initiative Project Officer for Danish Refugee Council (DRC),Program Assistant for the IOM Bosaso Sub-Office and Consultant For Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).

Mr Ahmed has More than 15 years of professional experience in the development and humanitarian field in Somalia, with INGOs and UN agencies.

Expertise in project planning, project management and M&E in areas related to Protection, WASH, Livelihoods, Shelter, Rural development, Environmental hygene,Emergency, Migration management, Peace building & Conflict Resolution, Advocacy & Fundraising.

Experience and educational background in administration, procurement and financial management.

Strong analytical and communication skills, both in English and Somali.

Effective conflict resolution & negotiation skills, both with communities and among staff.

Expertise in facilitation of trainings and capacity-building (through adult model learning).

Ahmed has taken/attended different training and workshops on different areas including WASH training held in Hargeisa, organized by FCA, Capacity Building in Migration management held in Nairobi, organized by IOM, Protection Workshop for Partner NGOs held in Garowe and jointly organized by UNHCR and NRC, Mixed Migration Workshop held in Bosaso and jointly organized by UN-OCHA, UNHCR and IOM.

Ahmed also facilitated/conducted various different trainings including good governance, conflict resolution, time management, WASH, advocacy and protection etc

Name: Mohamed Abdirisak Isse Title:Capacity of Project Officer Tell:+252907743775                              Email












Mohamed Abdirisak Isse  Puntland Non-State Actors’ Association (PUNSAA) capacity of Project Officer  Mohamed has double Bachelor degree of computer science, Bachelor of Development study and Master’s Degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

 Post Graduate Diploma in IT, certificate of Cisco Networking Academy for IT Essential ,certificate of Microsoft Project Office, certificate of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), certificate of Mental Health & Psychological support Case-worker. Mr Mohamed has More than 8 years of professional experience in the computer science (IT) and development field in puntland, with NGOs and CSOs.

He has substantial experience in project planning, project implementation in areas related to Protection, Rural and Urban development, Conflict Resolution. He also has experience sitting in on community meetings and working with people in all areas of the project cycle and particularly in handling basic counselling services for IDP communities, Provide psychosocial support to individual IDPs experiencing acute distress, establishing positive and constructive relations with local communities, government, NGOs, IDPs and other relevant stakeholders, Assessment of camps and return areas, planning camp closure and National Exit Strategy.

Professional work experience in social development, development cooperation, project administration & management including financial & budget,   and community development.

Certified professional CCCM in accordance with international principles and standards by Global CCCM cluster Learning.

Expertise in facilitation of trainings and capacity-building (through adult model learning).

Mohamed  has taken/attended different training and workshops on different areas including communication training held in Hargeisa, organized by saferworld, Ope rationalization of accountability framework held in Garowe organised by Care international, Consultation Forum on Community Policing Awareness held in Garowe organized by UNSOM, Research skills Training workshop organised by Saferworld, Foundations and elements of Public Financial Management organised by Saferworld, Advocacy and fundraising training held in Garowe by Saferworld,Successfully participated in the Risk Management Workshop on 18th September, 2017 held in UNDP compound , organised by UN Risk Management Unit).

Mohamed also facilitated/conducted various different trainings on different areas including disaster preparation and management, public speaking e.t.c


Name: Faduma Abdikarin Abshir Title:PUNSAA Administration Officer tell:+252907796941






Faduma Abdikarim Administration Officer at Puntland Non-State Actors’ Association. She has a bachelor degree of Accounting and finance for Bosaso University, Bachelor of Business Administration (management &accounting) she has more than one year experience in different organizations.