Puntland Non-State Actors Association (PUNSAA) is deeply saddened by the termination of the maintenance for the road connecting Garowe and Galka’yo Germany, which was being

Facilitated by the German International Development Agency (GIZ), that road is of great social economic Importance of the country’s growth and the public transport. PUNSAA calls all stakeholders for following action:

  1. Puntland Government should set an independent commission to investigate the allegations that the German Government has terminated the project to determine who owns the responsibility and learn from it lessons, so it doesn’t happen again.
  2.  The mandated commission shall consist of members of knowledge and experience of road projects, and social issues and be reputable in the community to be more confident in their
  3.  PUNSAA Platform thanked to German Government, GIZ and the European Union for their continued support to the Somali people and especially the people of Puntland and their pledge that the decision will not affect development projects in
  4. PUNSAA Platform recommends discussing this issue in order to re-right the mistakes and provide the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with an observer/mediation role.
  1. PUNSAA also recommends that the funds allocated to that road not to be transferred to other location which could be a disappointment for long-term residents waiting for the completion of that road.

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