Members of PUNSAA will attend/participate 2 days National Forum on Durable Solutions for Refugee Returnees & IDPs,the aim of the forum is to find The root causes of displacement and their relevance to “prevention”, “protection” and “solution,Generate ideas and share good practices on the institutional contributions

The National Forum particularly seeks ways Somalis want to seek sustainable reintegration of Somali
returnees and IDPs, while simultaneously providing support to the host communities as a whole.


  1. Establish a consultation forum for durable solutions of persons of concern that brings together all Somali concerned stakeholders including the National institutions, Federal State

institutions,private sector, civil society, academia, religious/faith leaders, women leaders, Diasporas, local NGOs and youth groups.

  1. Have a common standpoint and understanding of the root causes of the forced displacement of Somali people.
  1. Develop a comprehensive national plan to resolve and prevent the forced displacement of Somali people.