On February 8, 2018, PUNSAA secretariat had a meeting with the evaluators from EU.
The discussed points are below:
1:The evaluators shared that they are evaluating the impact of the projects that European Union funded from 2012 to 2017.
2:They also asked the ideas of the future programs in case EU decide to fund another programs
3:PUNSAA secretariat expressed the grateful they have to EU and explained the impact and usefulness of the funded projects by EU to Puntland Civil Society Organizations
4:PUNSAA secretariat raised the importance of the continuation for EU support to CSOs and government
Finally, the evaluators requested from PUNSAA secretariat to organize a meeting with the Puntland CSOs including PUNSAA member organizations and non-PUNSAA organizations. That meeting is scheduled to happen on Sunday (11/02/2018).
The overall meeting went well and ended with success