Workshop for joint Domestic Election and Civic education

Safer-world organised 5 days workshop  for  joint Domestic Election and Civic education held in Mogadishu to its partner PUNSAA and SOSCENSA which are  the two biggest platforms in south-central and Puntland Somalia.20 participants from PUNSAA and SOSCENSA together with staff members from Safer-world attended this workshop. During this workshop the participants were deeply discussed and fully understood:

Domestic Election observation

  • Electoral process
  • Planning for domestic election programme
  • Civic education and engagement
  • Developing a Civic education and engagement strategy

The participants unanimously appreciated the usefulness of this workshop and agreed that PUNSAA and SOSCENSA can work together to achieve the objective of this project.

Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) – Revision of the planned activities and future planned activities

PUNSAA organised 3 ays workshop of Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) the aim was Revision of the planned activities and future planned activities: The Thematic Working Groups is divided into three groups such as a) Protected Human Rights b) Inclusive Governance c) Aid Effectiveness and Public Service Deliveries. 

PUNSAA Advocacy Strategy Development

Lobbying and advocacy are fundamental to enhancing good policing, social inclusion, good governance and ensuring the extension of rights to vulnerable people. To improve policies and achieve desired structural changes, PUNSAA has realized the importance of promoting policy recommendations underpinned through wide-scale consultations and outreach in order to gain greater leverage with decision makers. In its endeavor to influence the government and collectively organize civil society groups to participate in policy development and related advocacy, PUNSAA has developed a clear advocacy strategy. Since mid-2012, there has been a series of meetings organized by PUNSAA, bringing together the Board of Directors; General Assembly members; non-General Assembly members; PUNSAA secretariats; and members from South and Central Non-State Actors (SOCSENSA). The meetings aimed to develop an advocacy plan after preliminary consultations identified the advocacy priorities PUNSAA should include in its strategy. This was followed by strategy development meetings held with technical support from Saferworld to develop the plan. The meeting identified three priority advocacy issues: environmental preservation, human rights protection and the promotion of inclusive governance. A draft advocacy plan was developed, after which it was agreed that three working groups focusing on the three issues should be established.

Capacity building and experience sharing workshops

We offer training to our constituent members and other civil society organisations (CSOs) upon request in the following areas: advocacy, policy development, human resources, financial management, leadership, organizational governance or on topical issues or requested areas of need. PUNSAA built the capacity of the working groups by training them on policy analysis and advocacy, fundraising and resource mobilization. The PUNSAA secretariat and BoD members have been trained in these areas and have sought to share their skills. PUNSAA has further collaborated with United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) to train the human rights thematic working group and other CSOs on human rights, advocacy, documentation, monitoring and reporting. In August 2014 the platform Board of Directors were given advanced training on governance and leadership to ensure high-quality strategic guidance to the platform. PUNSAA staff regularly travel to various parts of the country as well as abroad for capacity building and experience sharing workshops to continue our institutional development.

Relationship building with the government and international community

PUNSAA is mandated to facilitate NSAs to participate in policy dialogue with the government and international community. It has promoted a coordinated approach to NSAs’ participation in local, state, regional and international cooperation as well as influenced development processes through dialogue and consensus building by networking with public institutions and policy makers.

PUNSAA provides a space for people to share their opinions and promote shared objectives and values. We aim to give citizens a voice to be more effective in political participation and hold governments to account. Through this, NSAs complement the work of parliaments and the media. PUNSAA is committed to working with all relevant authorities and stakeholders in a spirit of cooperation to jointly work towards developing policy and implementing practices that support the development of Puntland. This approach has served PUNSAA well in building both credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the government, local authorities, the international community and PUNSAA members. Following a trust and relationship building meeting, the president promised PUNSAA the continued close involvement of civil society. PUNSAA will continue to liaise with the office of the president through a newly allocated civil society liaison officer, selected by the president himself.

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