PUNSAA inclusive governanceTWG organised  two days  District level Consultation meeting on border demarcation  held in Garowe, the participants were from 8 districts mayor of Puntland namely Las’anod, Dongryo, Burtinle, Telex, Qardho,Ayl,Waiye and garowe Civil society members were also invited. The aim of meeting was to discuss deeply the border demarcation between the districts before the upcoming Punt land 2019 election.
The recommendations from this meeting were summarized
1. Government should regulate a clear policy on district border demarcation
2. To appoint a commission that works border demarcation issues
3. Demarcation process between districts and regions should be started urgently
4. Government should organise public awareness’s  on border demarcation activities
5. Government should implement community  disarmament
6. Voter registrations and population census will be highly recommended
7. Puntland district border commission should be inclusive and composed  government officials  together with different parts of   civil society