2 days awareness raising meeting on the constitutional review process organized by PUNSAA held in Garowe from 6 to 7 January, 2019. The purpose/Agendas of this meeting was to:

  • To increase Civil Society engagement of the participation of the constitutional review process
  • To conduct wider awareness raising toward the constitutional dissemination in order to finalize the prolonged review process

Topics Covered/discussed

  • What is Constitution
  • Constitution history in Somalia
  • Why the constitution is important?
  • Constitution and Islamic religion
  • Components of the constitution
  • Revised Chapters of the constitution
  • Contagious chapters


The  discussions were  an interactive and participatory.

 The following methods have been utilized in the meeting:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Group discussions                                    
  3. Ideas exchange and experience sharing
  4. Open discussions
  5. Questions and Answers

The meeting ended with success and the participants were suggested valuable recommendations while PUNSAA and IIDA promised to continue their support on this constitutional review process. The meeting was officially closed by Maryan from IIDA and thanked to the participants for their excellent participation in this meeting. Participants were also satisfied the outcome of their meeting. 

IIDA Meeting Report – AMW