Opening of the meeting

There was a complete full quorum of thirteen (13) BoD members participated in this regular meeting. After the Qur’an verses were recited, the chair-man of PUNSAA Mr. Faysal Ahmed Warsame, officially opened the meeting and welcomed all the participants. The chairman also shared BoD members the status of the PUNSAA plot of land requested earlier from the Garowe Municipality and the Puntland President and explained the steps that they have taken and concluded that this plot of land is its final stage and expecting to be approved soon Insha Allah.

Finally, the chairman distributed the agendas and encouraged them to discuss the agendas of this meeting one by one.

  1. Achievements for the last 3 Months (July to September, 2017)

PUNSAA Executive Director (Bashir) presented the achievements for the last quarter and responded all the raised questions by the BoD members

  1. Activities for the upcoming/next Quarter (October to December, 2017)

PUNSAA NSAP Advocacy Officer/Project Officer (Ahmed Muse) together with PUNSAA PGP Project Coordinator (Abdiweli) presented the upcoming quarter activities and responded all the raised concerns.

  1. Discussions on the Membership fee not yet paid

 PUNSAA treasurer (Farhiya) presented the status of the membership fee received from PUNSAA 99 networks and their report is summarized as follow:

  • 25 networks were paid all the required fee
  • 8 Networks were partially paid the required fee
  • 40 Networks were not paid at all the required fee
  • 26 newly joined Networks were paid only the registration fee

All the participants showed their hesitation about the large number of networks which are not yet paid their required contributions/membership fee and suggested to offer last chance to pay their membership fee. Final deadline was agreed which is 31/12/2017 and those who failed to deposit/pay their contributions will automatically lost their membership with PUNSAA.

  1. Information sharing about the General situation of Puntland

This agenda was very interesting and all meeting participants were raised their concerns as below:


  • The overall security situation in Puntland is deteriorating , Al Shabab and Dacish insurgents increased their ambush/hit and run attacks to the puntland forces basis,  clan conflicts were also reported. The latest clan clashes took place for the recent months in Mudug and Bari regions because of land dispute and water sources.  
  • The socio-economic in Puntland is very low, inflation is very high, unemployment rate is very high and 90% of the population has no access to food, education and health.
  • Puntland authority is not respecting freedom of speech and started arbitrary arrest for the politicians and the journalists. Human rights violations are taking place.
  • Puntland authority are also reluctant to share data and the information they have to their citizens and the media.
  • The participants recommended that PUNSAA organize to have face to face meetings with the Puntland government and discuss all the above mentioned points instead of criticizing the government through the media. 
  1. Any Other Business (AOB)

There was no Other Business discussed except the statement issued by the meeting participants in their last day of the meeting regarding to the PUNSAA members failed to pay regularly for the required membership fee. This statement was internally distributed through all PUNSAA members and posted in PUNSAA website. The participants were also suggested to create group WhatsApp for at least PUNSAA BoD members so as to share all the necessary information.

  1. Approval of meeting agendas.

The chairman of PUNSAA thanked to the BoD members for their excellent participation in the regular meeting. All the participants were satisfied the outcome of the meeting.  The BoD unanimously approved the agendas of the meeting and the meeting was officially closed by the chairman.