Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are the steering and legislative organ of PUNSAA responsible for the overall management. Board members are elected by the members of the General Assembly, and they are seventeen in number coming from the different sectors of the Association. The Board of Directors provide financial oversight and maintains accountability. It also determines PUNSAA’s mission and purpose, and ensures effective organizational planning and management.

Name:Faisal Ahmed Warsame Tel:+252907797368 Title: PUNSAA Chairman Email:









Faisal Ahmed Warsame is a chairman of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association (PUNSAA). he has Bachelor of Low (LL.B) from Somali National University, MBA from KIU in Kampala –Uganda, he also received Advanced Diploma of Hospital Management from KIU in Kampala-Distance Learning, Diploma of Accounting and Management from Somali Institute Information Technology and Business (SIITBA)-Garowe, diploma of Clinical officer from Kenyatta University-Nairobi-Distance Learned,  Diploma of Italian Language & Culture from Italian Embassy –Mogadisho

He is the owner of Qaran CO- and operation manager with experience of successfully coordinating the activities of various departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, and distribution of products & services. Comfortable working with people of all levels and having a excellent commercial approach to solving problems and developing business processes. Having proven people management skills, with the ability to manage performance and motivate staff on an individual and team level.

Mr. Faisal has More than 15 years of professional experience in the development and humanitarian field in Somalia, with INGOs and UN agencies.

Faisal has been Nutrition officer for the UNICEF, Emergency officer for ICRC. he is also experienced in advocacy and lobbying, Technical support, Monitoring and Analysis.

Faisal has taken/attended different training and workshops on different areas including Health Management –UNICEF Kismaio, Training of Nutrition Analysis at UNICEF South Somalia,EPI Training at UNICEF South Somalia, Drug Management at UNICEF South Somalia

Primary Health Care (PHC) training at UNICEF South Somalia, Post-natal Training at UNICEF South Somalia, Health Statistics at UNICEF South Somalia, Hygiene Education for communities and school teachers, Unicef-Garowe, Training on Business Development at International Corporation China, Somalia Investment Forum – USAID/World bank-Djibouti , Somali Investment Forum – Nairobi, organized SHURAKO & USAID, Arab Health – World Health Expo-Dubai Emirate



Name:Mustafa Abdulahi Abdi

Title:Vice chair of PUNSAA

Mustafa Abdullahi  Abdi is a vice chair of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association (PUNSAA) . He received Bachelor degree of social science from east Africa University and, he also received a numerous diplomas on Business administration, Peace & Conflict Studies, namely Social skills, Governance and Citizenship (Civic Education) and Rule of Law. He worked local and international NGO  including CESVI, NR, OCVP, and YESO also he is a trainer of   Social skills, Governance and Citizenship.

Name:Abdullah Mohamed Barre

Abdullah Mohamed Barre, BOD member/FP of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association(PUNSAA),he has experience more than 10 years ,was L.t. for Military of Somali national force, Administrative and financial manager for division , Chief of Security in UNISOM II n Bosaso, Security officer for UNISOM II in Bossaso Centre which content four teams of 36, Administration/logistics officer Italian NGO, called UNA Veterinary privatization service project, supplementary to project manager, purchases equipments, financial management, and managerial staff, Project coordinator of Local NGOs Know Media Corp. (KMC) project coordinator for AVR/DDR program Youth at risk project 2010- 2012.


Name:Zahra Abdi Ahmed
Tel:0634497955 or +25290637964

Zahra Abdi Ahmed is a BOD member/FP of puntland None-State Actors’ Association(PUNSAA),she has a certificate of nursing, certificate of midwife, certificate of live skill, certificate of Honor. she has worked women to women initiative project for HIV/aids founded by UNICEF and implemented by WAWA NGO, also worked the ministry of Health, instructor of none-formal education .


Name:Yusuf Hussein Adan

Yusuf Hussein Adan is a BOD member/FP of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association(PUNSAA).he has Diploma of nurse, Bachelor degree of public Health. was project officer for mercy USA,WHO staff for polio eradication program, and now he is a coordinator of nutrition program for UNICEF.


Name:Mursal Mohamed Abdi(Nabadon)
Mursal Mohamed Abdi is a BOD member of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association(PUNSAA) he has a Diploma of Shariah and law. was senior Business man. mursal worked KDO NGO as administrator, he is experienced conflict resolution.



Name:Farhiya Husein mohamud

Farhiya husien Mohamud is a BOD member/Treasure of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association(PUNSAA)she has certificate in GBV basic technology, Diploma in primary Teaching Methodology, Certification Basic widows in computer In office management and administration, Diploma In Adult  teaching methodology. farxiya has taken different trainings and courses on different areas including Training Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Galkaio ,Training Gender Based Violence (GBV), Report systems and planning,she is currently working Barkhadle Primary school as a teacher, FTA Place as chair lady. she is experienced Conflict resolutions, Gender issues, Organization and Planning, Communication skills.

Name:Abdikani mohamud jidhe
Abdikani mohomoud jiidhe
BOD member of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association (PUNSAA). He received Bachelor degree of community development from Nugaal University.

Mr abdiqani has over 4 years of experience in Technician specialist for Nation Link and 2 years in LYVO NGO as Chairperson, 4 years of Executive council vice chair from December 2009 to 2012, he also has more than 7 years experience as vice chair of SONYO BOD.

Mr abdiqani has taken different courses and trainings on different areas including Training of trainers course (TOT) on Leadership and organizational development, youth peer education training conducted by UNICEF from 23/07/06 to 14/08/06, Leadership and organizational development training conducted by UNICEF and ministry of youth and sport from 09/07/2004 to 18/07/2004.

Name:Mahdi Ali Osman

Mahdi Ali Osman Faahiye
BOD member of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association (PUNSAA). He received BSc in Agriculture education/Biology from Somali national University, Lafole college of education, also he received Short courses training certificates in management, leadership, community development, Community mobilization, GBV, TOT and human resource management

He worked TAAKULO NGO as program coordinator, Islamic relief UK MALAWI office as Program officer, Islamic relief UK Somalia office as Puntland Zonal Coordinator, Diakonia Sweden as Livelihood and drought mitigation project officer, CARE International as Program Officer PPP, OXFARM UK as Admin/finance officer from May 1993 to Dec. 1994.

He was former Mp of Somalia and now he is working ministry of justice as Consultant in legal formulation and implementation.

Mr mahdi ali has taken different courses and trainings on different areas including Human resource Management, Organizational management, Advocacy Donor relations and fund raising, Peace Politics and economic building, Gender Based violence.
Name: Zakariye ismail jama

Mr Zakariye ismail jama Ciyoon is a Secretary Of BOD In Puntland none-state Actors’ Association (PUNSAA)he has postgraduate in bachelor degree of Economics , certificate  of Business Counselling and personal Development, certificate of Understanding Election and Civic Responsibility.

Mr Zakariye has taken different trainings and courses including Conflict resolution and Environmental Protection By TASS , participated in a training of Business Counselling and Personal Development In Chamber House of Puntland state, Participated in Human Rights and Child Protection training workshop in SSDO local NGO,. He has 5 years experience in Humanitarian Working and social Development  in Somalia

he is currently working SSDO Youth and Social Development Organization as Principal Officer in Badhan , Sanaag

Mr Abdurrahman Mohamed Haaji (Aatoh) is a BOD member of  Puntland none-state actors Association (PUNSAA) representing media community. He has bachelor degree in Political Science from East Africa University. Also he received different short courses including journalism and human right courses from various centres of education both out and inside the country, such as Michigan State University and Online program from Amnesty International.He has strong communication skills.

Mr. Abdurrahman has taken different trainings including disaster management, humanitarian reporting, investigative journalism, safety trainings, monitoring, financial management, decentralisation and good governance, leadership training and more others from Radio Ergo/IMS, MAP, INTERNEWS, UNSOM, Track FM and DRC. He has 7 years experience in Radio Ergo correspondent in area Puntland and also worked at Ergo’s main Office in Nairobi.

Currently, he is working  media peace building institute as officer , and Radio Ergo for humanitarian correspondent .

Name:Shukri jama xaashi Tel:+252907750400 Title: BOD member













Shukri jama xaashi is a BOD member of Puntland None-State Actors’ Association (PUNSAA). she has Bachelor Degree of Business administration (Puntland University of science and technology in pan Africa), she also received Advanced Diploma in Teaching Methodology from (Galkacyo teacher training College), Diploma In Adult and children teaching methodology from (Peace Xalane teacher training college), Certificate of Basic widows in computer and office management and administration from (Galkayo Education canter for peace and development) .

Shukri  has More than 15 years of professional experience in the development and humanitarian field in Somalia with INGOs and UN agencies.

Shukri also facilitated and conducted various different trainings including Girls Empowerment Forum training (Barriers to Girls Education), facilitator for NRC teacher training in Galkaio, Fawesom Workshop Facilitator for Gender Equality and Empowering Women’s Political Participation, e.t.c

Shukri  has taken/attended different training and workshops on different areas including Minimum standards for child protection in humanitarian action organised by UNICEF held  in Muqdisho, 2 Day GBV/IMS training organised jointly by UNICEF and MOWDAFA, Training for community Capacity enhancement (CCE),community conversation training in response  to HIV & AIDS and Gender Issues organised by UNDP held in Hargeysa, Project management and gender advocacy training organised by UNDP held in Garowe, human right and the international convention on the refugee right organised  by PUNCHAD. E.t.c


Asha Abdi hussein is a BOD member and focal point of Puntland none-state Actors’ Association (PUNSAA) she has postgraduate diploma in Development studies, bachelor degree of education, certificate Ethics of journalism, certificate of Radio production study.

Asha has taken different trainings and courses including Humanitarian principles and community managed Disaster risk reduction conducted Oxfam, governance and leadership training by UN habitat, participated in a training of trainers “women’s empowerment  Approach at Ruwanda ,Training of Trainers Course on local government procurement by ILO, leadership Training by UNICEF. She has 10 years experience in local government Puntland/Somalia

Asha   currently working SAACOM as a Manager,  She also   member of Garowe local government council.



Zeinab Haji Ayan is a BOD member and focal point of Puntland none-state Actors’ Association (PUNSAA).She has MA (Master in Community Economic Development) at Southern New Hampshire, USA.

She has long experience skills in leadership, Good Governance, Human Rights, Gender mainstreaming, Micro-financing for women in rural and pastoral areas and livelihood development for Agro. pastoralists, District Development planning, Civic Education, Democratization,  Women entrepreneurship development, humanitarian and emergency relief  for the poor, displaced and returnees in Somalia, She has gained a lot of experience in the ground since 1997.Zeinab was the chairlady of GETC (Garowe Education Training Canter), Juba Institutions and Organizations network as Vice Chairlady, Horn Relief Finance manager, PWMA ( Puntland Women media Associations, Founder, SPSS –School of professional Studies & Services –Founder) Sanaag Human Rights network- Chairlady and Founder).

Zainab has taken and attended different trainings including Gender mainstreaming training for women in Conflict zone held  in Nairobi at Swedish Embassy, Gender inclusion for women in peace and Security held in Nairobi and implemented SAFERWORLD, TOT for entrepreneurship development skills and monitoring women impacts through trainings, Women Entrepreneurship development  workshops for IFC/ and Diakonia Evaluation Training held in Nairobi  Sponsored  by Daikoina Sweden



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