Two days consultation meeting was held at GOBSOOR Hotel, Garowe  on 4th – 5th January,2018. The meeting was attended by 25 members from different regions of Puntland regions including Senior officer from Puntland Ministry of Interior (MoI), Different sectors of the Civil Society Organization  and experts. After recitation of Quran verse, PUNSAA Executive Director explained the Objectives of this consultation meeting and welcome the participants. He also emphasized the importance of this consultation by stressing that the results of this consultation would help to the government, stakeholders and community which may provide better solutions to some of the important questions frequently rose relating to the border demarcation. 


At the end of the consultation meeting, it is expected to:

  1. get clear borders between districts and regions of Puntland before the election of 2019.

The meeting went well and ended with success. The chairperson of the IG TWG (Ms Faduma Dirie) and PUNSAA Executive Director thanked to the participants for their excellent participation in this consultation meeting. All the participants were satisfied the outcome of the meeting.