The Puntland Non-State Actors Association (PUNSAA) is a nongovernmental, non-political and non-profit outfit that assembles nonstate actors (NSAs) in Puntland into one platform/network.

Board of Directors (BoD) members and secretariat having training for fundraising in Garowe, from 11th -14th of February, 2016, sponsored by Safer-world
Deployed Observers for the Elections of the Speaker, Deputy Speakers for the Lower House and Upper House on 11th -12th of Jan, 2017 & 21st of January, 2017
GA member is casting her vote

Consultations Meeting on Border Demarcation participants


PUNSAA Chairman, Deputy Minister of Puntland Ministry of Interior and PUNSAA Executive director during consultation Meeting on Border Demarcation held in Garowe on 4th – 5th January,2018 .


The Puntland Non-State Actors Association (PUNSAA) is a nongovernmental, non-political and non-profit outfit that assembles nonstate actors (NSAs) in Puntland into one platform/network. It was established on 14 May 2008 with assistance from the European Union through a joint collaboration with Saferworld and Puntland Development Research Centre (PDRC) in Garowe to provide a forum through which local NSAs could participate in and influence policy and decision-making processes at local, state, regional and international levels.
A vibrant and most credible platform for participation in decision making and policy formulation processes in Puntland that brings lasting peace and sustainable good governance where the rights of the citizens are equally protected and holds government to account.
A multi-sectoral and impartial platform coordinating members to continuously engage in tripartite dialogue with government and the international community through advocacy and lobbying and coordination of the various sectors of NSAs.


Dallada bulshada rayidka PL ee PUNSAA waxay soo qabanqaabisay Dood cilmiyeed ku saabsan Duruufaha ku xeeran Shidaalka Soomaaliya  waxaana ka soo qaybgalay dhamaan qaybaha kala duwan ee bulshada rayidka. Dooda Waxaan marti ku ahaa wasiirkii hore ee Somaaliya...

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5 days training on the election violence monitoring and reporting organized by PUNSAA in collaboration with  UN WOMEN and UKAID held in Garowe from 3 to 7 October, 2020. The purpose/Agendas of this training were to increase Civil Society engagement of the...

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My hope for future democratisatation in Somalia is to get leaders who will respect and implement the constitutions, and enhence the capacity of the government institutions to deliver the services that citizens expect.

Said Hamud Mohamud Puntland None-State Actors Association

Frequently Asked Questions
What does PUNSAA stand for?
PUNSAA stands for Puntland Non-State Actors Association
What does PUNSAA do?
PUNSAA is mandated to strengthen non-state actors in Puntland to engage in international policy dialogue and decision making. PUNSAA is not a funding body and does not distribute any funds or direct assistance.
What is a non-state actor?
We define non-state actors as groups and individuals, not acting as representatives of the government.
Why should decision makers listen to PUNSAA?
It is the government and donors declared objective to work for the interest of the Somali people Our members know the situation on the ground, what people need and aspire to, as we have the direct contact with them We are in a position to represent the views, concerns and priorities of people from all spheres of life throughout Puntland In the long run, decision makers are dependent on the people they claim to represent.


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